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CLÍNICA GASTALDI is a medical society founded in 1992 by doctors: Enrique Gastaldi Orquín (Director), Vicente Sanchis and Pablo Vila Gastaldi Rodrigo. Its components are a team specialized in comprehensive treatment of diseases of the Locomotive System (Orthopaedic Surgery, Arthroscopic Surgery and Traumatology) highlighting the assistance of injuries in the field of Sports Medicine (Sports Traumatology).
CLÍNICA GASTALDI is closely linked to sport. We have several agreements for medical care of athletes with almost all sports federations of Valencia. We are consultants to soccer teams like Valencia CF and Villarreal C.F. and responsibles for the Medical Management of Cheste Speed Circuit and Valencia Street Circuit.
Our activity is focused on athletes, patients under Disease Free Insurance and private patients. We serve about 2500 sports injuries, 15,000 queries in orthopedic surgery and performed over 1,000 surgical procedures annually.
We are a leader in the world of sports trauma, arthroscopic surgery and orthopedic surgery, where we apply the most advanced techniques (biological therapies, minimally invasive surgery ...) with the best materials and latest technologies.
We collaborate with the Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy and School of Physiotherapy, University of Valencia, with the Universidad Catolica San Vincente Ferrer and San Pablo University (CEU). Work in other research projects with private and public entities in our community.
Our team is composed of nine physicians, three anesthesiologists, an instrumentalist, five medical assistants and an administrator.
Our goal is to offer society in general and in particular Valencia, the best assistance in solving their problems of our specialty.
Clínica Gastaldi
Hospital 9 de Octubre
Consultas Externas nº 1, 2 y 3
Avda. Valle de la Ballestera, 59
46015 Valencia
Schedule of Consultations
Monday to Friday
Mornings: 10:00 a 15:00
Afternoons: 16:30 a 20:00
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  963 46 24 86
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  963 46 24 87
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